Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Three Finger Weds \!/ Smile, Change, and Unplug. Change occurs with small steps

I am writing today to talk about a very special man, who has dedicated his entire life to create the world into a more sustainable and positive place. The first time I met Philip was in Beijing, China, at an art museum, where he was spreading his vision of the 3 Finger Movement, which I have been involved in for some years now. He immediately struck me as a visionary who tirelessly works to better the lives of others.

Philip is the type of person who will make anything happen wherever he goes. He has the amazing ability to draw people in, make people listen, and impassion them to make a difference in the world. He left his native Canada to come to China to devote all his energy to promote a Lifestyle of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS), against some of the most rampant consumerism, materialism, and social transition that is occurring there & around the world.

So when I heard that he was in the hospital for a spinal injury that he sustained while saving a young man injured in a car accident, my heart jumped out. Unfortunately for Philip, who has forgone his comfortable life as a university professor, to dedicate himself to a mission that is greater than all of us, he finds himself impossible to afford the surgery and all the medical expenses. The campaign to bring the Philip back on his feet and his inspiring life story can be found here.

Philip has taught me that change occurs with small steps. My thoughts and prayers are with him that he will soon get back on his feet again.

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